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Nagios Parser to configure Nagios configuration files through Chef

                                    Nagios Parser is a ruby library that can be used as a gem to parse values from the Nagios configuration files. These values can used as arrays or hashes to suit the use case. In this blog, we will see how to use the Nagios Parser library to define a configuration file using the...



Why the path to a Microservices Architecture is a promising one.

The latest entrant in the world of technological development is the microservice architecture, also abbreviated as MSA. It would not be completely illogical to think of the MSA as a refined version of a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) , which has been the go to approach of most enterprises as the needs and demands of users for better...



Springboot Applications automation using Jenkins

Building compressed files of Springboot application is a tedious task and its continuous deployment using Jenkins is even more so. To simplify the above predicament, a new Gradle plugin in Jenkins has been used. So, our objective in this blog  is to make use of the relation between Gradle and Springboot. Let us take it further. ...


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Running GRAILS application on JETTY

Jetty is one of the many open source HTTP servers and servlet containers available today. The key features that help us decide to use Jetty are: Performance: Jetty focuses on multi-HTTP connections to reduce page load time significantly Smaller Memory Footprint: It also takes up a very small amount of the sever's available memory so...



PHP5-FPM Logging

In this blog i will explain how to configure the access, error and slow logs of php-fpm and to modify the format in which the logs are received. Prerequisites: Lets have an application that uses the php5-fpm module, in this case, we will use the Wordpress Application running on a LEMP stack. To enable the logs , two files are...



Cgroups and Namespaces On Ubuntu

Hello folks. Before diving into the concepts of cgroups and namespaces on ubuntu, there are a few things one must be clear with. 1) Virtualization : Its a method or technique used to run an operating system on top of another operating system. The hardware resources are fully utilized and will be shared by each of the operating...