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Working With React Native : Part#1

Introduction React is based on JavaScript created by a collaboration of Facebook and Instagram, It was introduced in 2013. Its main focus is to allow developers to create front-end interfaces easily and rapidly. React isn’t a complete framework. It does not offer various components you’ll find in projects based on Ember or Angular...

by Shivang Goel
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Android Permission System And Case Study

How to work with Android Permission System in Android M To protect the android system and the user's privacy, Android system runs each application in a limited access sandbox. If the application wants to use resources or information outside of its sandbox, the application has to explicitly request permission. Depending on the type of...

by Shivang Goel
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Gradle Android Studio

  Gradle Android Studio  Introduction: Gradle is an automated build toolkit that can integrate into lots of different environments, via plugins. Minimize Configuration Required for New Projects: Gradle has a set of default configuration settings that are automatically applied to every project you create in Android Studio. If...

by Shivang Goel
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6 online shopping apps Indonesians can’t live without

“Whoever said money doesn’t buy you happiness didn’t know where to shop” – Blair Waldorf The number of Internet users in Indonesia has increased since the technology was introduced in the 1980s. A study released by “We Are Social” reported that by the end of 2014, the number of active internet users in Indonesia had...

by Dimas Fattahillah
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An Introduction to Android TV

This blog will introduce you to Android TV platform from what android TV is, How it is different from Android mobile development and finally how to create an Android TV app. Note: This blog  is just the introduction to the Android TV  not a full coverage of Android TV development.What is Android TV ? Android TV was introduced in...

by Bharat Ghimire
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mailto links on android devices

Recently we added a feature that uses the mailto link. While testing it was found that working fine on Desktops, iPhones, and iPad's but not on android devices. To debug it quickly, we created a test page with just mailto link in it as shown below <a href="" target="_blank">Send...

by Parampreet Singh
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Shared Preferences in Android

Shared Preferences in Android Android Prefereces provide a way to store user and application data in device. It stores primitive data including String objects in key-value pairs. There are several ways to store data in android: Preferences(Shared and User): Store private primitive data in key-value pairs. Internal Storage: ...

by Akhilesh Dubey
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Push Notification in Android Using Grails

Hi All, I had a use case where I need to send the push notification to Android Device using Grails Application. For sending push notification I have used the Android GCM plugin. So, before going further we should know what is push notification and how it works. Push Notification : It is a message or events delivered by a...

by madhav.khanna
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Creating Android Application with Groovy

Groovy 2.4 was released in January 2015, with native support for Android development. It allows to write Android applications fully using Groovy. Running Groovy on Android Step 1: Create a new Android project in Android Studio Step 2: Open this build.gradle (Module: app) file: Insert the following code before the first line: ...

by Simranjit Kour
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AWS Device Farm: A service to test mobile apps on real devices

AWS Device Farms Device Farms is a recently introduced service that can test mobile apps on real devices in the AWS Cloud. Currently, it supports Android and Fire OS apps. This service can be used to improve the quality of testing by running the test on real smartphones and tablets with different hardware, OS versions and form factors. ...

by Ankit Giri
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Day 2 @GR8Conf EU 2015

Day 2 at GR8Conf EU June 2015 Copenhagen, Denmark continued to beintriguing and fun filled. The Day started with the keynote from Jeff Scott Brown on Grails and its future plan. He shed light on Grails 3.0 features and its releases plans. He also asked for contribution to migrating plugins from Grails 2.x to Grails 3.0.  In his...

by Sachin Verma
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Updating ViewPager With New Data Dynamically

ViewPager is a layout manager that allows users to flip and view pages left and right. It is used in conjunction with PagerAdapter,  FragmentPagerAdapter or FragmentStatePagerAdapter. We attach adapter consisting of either Fragment objects or simple View objects. Note: You can download source code of a sample application from...

by Noor Alam
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