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Master-Slave Load Testing using Locust

In the previous blog we have discussed what is locust , why we use locust for load testing and how to implement it. So if you are wondering what locust is and how it works or for a better understanding, see locust .Now in this blog we are here to discuss about running locust in distributive way. For a single machine it is not enough...

by Mayur Rastogi
Tag: Distibuted Load testing

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7 Things You Must Know About Load-Testing Using JMeter

Load testing is a must-do task for the infrastructure benchmarking. Performing load test in a proper way and analysis of load test results are the two main points which tells you the performance of your infrastructure. In this blog, I’ll be covering the key points which one should keep in mind to achieve the benefits of load testing...

by Tarun Saxena
Tag: Distibuted Load testing