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Structured logging in logback using MDC

General Use Case When any application fails in production then it is necessary is to track how the execution went. For this the standard approach is to add logs. Logs can be helpful in tracking how the execution went but tracking the execution becomes more difficult in multithreaded applications. The logs start to get jumbled for...

by Aseem Bansal
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Let us consider a scenario when all the service and custom logs of your ubuntu server gets backed up on S3 on a daily basis after compressing them and the allocated space is freed without using any third party software. We can achieve this task by the use of logrotate utility provided by the ubuntu server. Log rotation means the...

by Tarun Saxena
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Auditing Your Ubuntu Servers

You might be wondering how to audit your Ubuntu server / your Ubuntu local machine. Well, In this blog I will show you how easy it is do so. Auditing can be done by many ways of which few we shall discuss here. There are 3 following scenarios which we will be discussing :- 1.Finding from where logins are done & commands are executed ...

by Ranvijay Jamwal
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ELB Logs on S3 Bucket

Today we'll be implementing an S3 bucket policy for storing multiple Elastic Load Balancer access logs on a single S3 bucket. Instead of having multiple S3 bucket for each ELB access logs, we'll create only one S3 bucket for storing all ELB's access logs. This section walks you through the step by step guide for configuring S3...

by Vikash Jha
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GIT –pretty

git log is one of most useful commands to see information about commit , author , date and subject(comment)  while using GIT.This displays information in blocks and hardly 5 - 7 can be listed on normal screen size. But git provides --pretty option , so that we can format the output of git log; Here are some ways to do that ...

by Hitesh Bhatia
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