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Docker Logging Methods that Fit your Deployment Strategy

With the huge success of micro-services and container technologies, most of the enterprises are migrating their architecture to the container-based solution which is more reliable and flexible as compared to monolithic architecture. Moving to containerized solution like Docker, logging each container and its insights is a new...

by Mayur Rastogi
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How to set up

Logs are very useful as it monitors and provides important information about the program such as activities, executions, real-time data etc. is a log management tool that monitors the system and provides real-time information on the system logs. It is a simple and effective application built on top of Node.js and

by Anup Yadav
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Autoscaling Environment Logs Collection using LogEntries

LogEntries Managing log data across large autoscaling environments can be a time-consuming and expensive job. Logentries has designed a scalable service that dynamically supports autoscaling environment as log volumes expand and change dynamically. By centralizing all logs across distributed instances into one secure location, we can...

by Ankit Giri
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