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Automating Test Cases Using Selenium

Software testing is a technique which is used to ensure the proper functioning of the requirements by comparing the actual results with the expected results. To do so, we can use test scripts or use any automation testing tool like Selenium. With growing competition between IT companies, organizations are now focusing on increasing the...

by tushar.bansal
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Working with TestNG Annotations (Part1)

TestNG is a Java Framework to set up the execution flow of the code and for reporting purpose.  Annotations used in TestNG: Annotation Description @BeforeSuite BeforeSuite annotation method runs only once before all tests from the suite. @AfterSuite AfterSuite annotation method runs only once after all tests from the...

by Atul Sharma
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8 Key Strategies for Mobile Automation Testing!

Customer habits are quickly changing and evolving. Thanks in no small part to the growth of digital technologies and smartphones. According to one of the recent report from Comscore, Smartphone penetration has surpassed 80% in the USA. Companies want to leverage this fast-growing trend and provide a second to none experience to their...

by Shruti Kirti
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How to Add Screenshots to TestNG Report?

Taking screenshots during testing is often considered a good practice. Adding a screenshot to the test reports provides complete clarity and visibility of the application such as if the application is working smoothly or something in the application needs to be fixed. It also makes the report meaningful and presentable. While carrying...

by Ubaid Ahmed
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Soft Assertions in Selenium using TestNG

Assertions are used to perform various kinds of validations in the tests and help us to decide whether the test has passed or failed. There are two types of assertions in Selenium that we can place in our test scripts using TestNG: Hard Assertions Soft Assertions Hard Assertions: As the name suggests, these assertions put a...

by Kunal Shokeen
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Automate Selenium testing with Jenkins

Selenium is a tool widely used for automating testing of web applications. One step ahead, integrating the selenium with Jenkins takes it to the next level. In this blog, we would be configuring Jenkins to run selenium test cases on an ubuntu environment. Scenario: Configure Jenkins to perform Selenium test cases with one click. ...

by Navjot Singh
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Selenium Conf’16: Bangalore

From the last half-decade, Selenium conference (SeConf) is being organized across the world for all the automation enthusiasts highlighting the new territories of this growing technology. Opportunely, this time, I attended SeConf’16 along with my colleagues, Sarthak Srivastava and Vikas Sharma. The first leg of this conference was held...

by Ram Bahadur
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Integration of Sikuli with Selenium WebDriver

Sikuli is an image-based open source tool to automate the GUI and can be used on any platform like Windows/Linux/Mac/Mobile. Sikuli uses a technique called image recognition to identify and control GUI components. At times when to access a GUI object, there is no access to its internal or external code; Sikuli comes in handy. It simply...

by Ankit Gupta
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Easy approach to handle authentication window in selenium webdriver

Before we get started, on how to handle authentication window in Selenium WebDriver. Let’s discuss what authentication window is & why it is used in applications? What is Authentication Window? Authentication is a process which is required to access some applications in which HTTP authentication is used for security purpose....

by Shilpa Ranjan
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Parallel Execution with Selenium Grid

     Selenium Grid for Parallel Execution When we say parallel test execution in Selenium is achieved by Selenium Grid than statement is partly incorrect. Testing Framework like testng is used for parallel test execution Selenium Grid is used for automated testing execution on Distributed systems parallely Selenium Grid...

by Vaibhav Singhal
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Useful Functions for Automation Framework using Selenium Web Driver

While doing automation using selenium, there are certain repetetive tasks that we need to perform in order to handle page elements. So, the aim of this blog is to highlight some common operations that we need to handle every now and then. Some operations are: 1. Open URL in different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE) 2. Do mouse-hovers ...

by Sumit Gambhir
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Handing Browser Alert Box Using Selenium Web Driver

Recently while working on selenium I have come across in a situation where browser dialog box are the show stopper to validate 'Login/Registration/Forgot Password etc.' modules, though we are considering such cases as design issues. However we need to deal with it to learn something new, fortunately I have got the solution to handle...

by Anurag Tiwari
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