How to aggregate data by referring to multiple sheets in Google Spreadsheet using multiple functions

  Problem Statement: Suppose you are running a small business or creating a timesheet based cost calculations in any organization as a Lead, then you may need to refer data from different sheets within a single google spreadsheet to get the desired output/result. Also, there might be a case where you want to see and manage the...

by Gaurav Bagla
Tag: Groovy Sort


Sorting list with nulls as higher value

I had a list of Strings and wanted to sort them but pay special attention to null values. See the default sorting in demonstration : [groovy] List<String> animals=["Monkey", null, "Ape", null, "Tiger", "Lion"] println animals.sort() ...

by Bhagwat Kumar
Tag: Groovy Sort


Groovy Maps: Reverse Sort

I want to quickly share how you can sort a Map by its key/value/field of valueObject; in either ascending or descending order using Groovy I created a Map<String, Person> as follows: class Person { String name Date dateOfBirth static constraints = { } } Map people = [:] [*(11..20), *(1..10)].each { ...

by Aman Aggarwal
Tag: Groovy Sort