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What’s New in Swift 2.0

One year ago, Apple released Swift, a brand new programming language for both iOS and OS X development and now they introduced Swift 2 with Xcode 7 this year. Swift 2 includes some new features such as improved error handling, availability check and , protocol extensions etc. Lets take the overview of new features. Error handling : ...

by Ashu Baweja
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Common JSP/HTML & Javascript Problems

Some of the commonly faced problems are: 1) In case we give different width combinations for cells of different rows, the width combination of first row is accepted and subsequent combinations are neglected. [html] <tr> <td...

by Vivek Sachdeva
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New Features in Try/Catch – JDK 7

In our applications we generally make use of try-catch blocks to handle exceptions. Since JDK-7 , It has certain new features. These features are quite good , I must say. Some of the new changes in try/catch bloack are : 1.  Multiple exceptions handling in only one catch block. 2.  Finally out of scope. (Try-Catch with resources...

by Robin
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