Ankit Jain

Ankit is a Android & Smart TV Engineer, who has worked on various Android and Smart TV applications. He prefers code in android and tizen tv, has knowledge of java, android sdk and JS and AngularJs. He is workaholic and always keen to learn new things. In his leisure time, he loves to play table tennis, online games and watch movies.

Connected TV, Mobility

Login With Facebook for Smart TV – User Experience

When developing a web, mobile app or a Smart TV app - login with Facebook is used for user authentication and conveniently capturing the user's social information from Facebook itself. This blog describes the steps to have a clear and consistent user experience for device login on a Smart TV.  Flow for Login With Facebook on Smart TV ...


Android, Connected TV

Playing different Videos with Exo-Player in Android TV

There are usually 3 types of videos while streaming in any Video Player. While working on Android TV we categorize these in Dash Videos HLS Videos (.m3u8 & .ts) Others (.mp4,.mpeg etc) We need different types of ExtractorRendererBuilder for playing different videos with Exo-Player. In this article I will be...


Android, Connected TV

Setup for Android TV Apps

Android TV development follows the same structure as other android apps like Android phones and tablets. We can modify an existing Android app to an Android TV app. Anybody with a good understanding of Android application development can create a TV app. Prerequisites for Android TV App Android Development IDE (Android Studio) SDK...


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WordPress to JSON Api

There are many websites which are currently running on wordpress. What if those websites need there data to use for mobile application. It is very tedious task to use the wordpress data for REST APIs. As a solution to this problem there is good plugin called Wordpress REST Api plugin. It makes the task of conversion the wordpress data...