Ashu Kohli


Binding External Configuration properties in spring boot application

Hi, In this blog we'll learn how we can inject configuration properties in a springBoot application and what are the benefits of spring boot over spring while injecting configuration properties. There are two ways to inject our configuration properties:- 1. By Using @Value annotation (Spring 3.0+ And Grails 3.0) 2. Typesafe...



Integrate SwaggerUI with spring boot application

Hi Guys, In this artical we learn how to integrate SwaggerUI with spring boot application. Basically 'SwaggerUI' is used to serves documentation of an REST API and another most powerfull feature is, it provides a way to enable developer to play around the REST API without having write any code. Steps to Integrate SwaggerUI :- ...



Build Custom Analyzer in Elasticsearch

In our project we have two use cases where, we need a custom analyzer that answers both the below use cases :- Let's take a string "king of pop michael jackson" thats indexed somewhere in my elasticsearch document. 1. First Use Case :- Searching Substring : Sometimes the end user doesn't want to write the complete word for...