How to Create an Awesome Thumbnail for YouTube

Working on YouTube is fun! Not only limited to video-sharing, YouTube includes video clips, TV clips, music videos, and other content such as video blogging, short videos, and educational videos. Yes, you do the uploading and sharing of your content, but is that all? How is it that you will market your content for the rest of the people?...

by Panchi Baruah
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Integrating Grails with Weceem

Today, I'll be talking on how to go about integrating the Weceem CMS into a grails-app. It is extremely simple and with a couple of steps you would have a CMS that can render traditional as well as custom content merged into your grails application. Ok ... First things first ... What is Weceem ? Weceem (as in 'We seem' to like it...

by Manoj Mohan
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