Manoj Mohan


Git Bisect : Find that DAMN Commit!!!

While working on a project with a team, there is a chance that once in a while erroneous pieces of code (bad programming, wrong conflict resolution etc) creep in. Now wading thorugh individual commits looking for a specific line in a file that looks suspicious can be hard work and takes a lot of time. I was in one of these...



Integrating Grails With Weceem 2 : Creating custom content

Hiya.... Last time we met, we  were talking about how to get started on Integrating Grails With Weceem CMS. Moving on, when you actually use it in a typical product development scenario, you will more often that end up customizing the content being served by Weceem. So this blog will concentrate on exactly that..... Creating...



Integrating Grails with Weceem

Today, I'll be talking on how to go about integrating the Weceem CMS into a grails-app. It is extremely simple and with a couple of steps you would have a CMS that can render traditional as well as custom content merged into your grails application. Ok ... First things first ... What is Weceem ? Weceem (as in 'We seem' to like it...



Speeding up Ubuntu

Of-late my laptop has been highly responsive .... as responsive as a sloth can be... :P I mean you wouldn't be expecting an Intel i5 Processor with 4GB Ram and 500GB hard disk making you go for a coffee break every time you had to build or compile your code. I am sure many of you must have experienced some form of lag with your Ubuntu...



Find v/s Locate … Optimize your search ..

A few days back, I was on a server wherein I had to find the location of a file in the file system. Naturally like most newbies, I instantly hit the 'find' command.  Something like [shell]sudo find / -name someFileName.ext[/shell] Naturally the command took a lot of time to find the file (Local to server relay not being helpful...



Sprite Up !!! Automate your process of creating sprites.

Hi all, In the past few days, I was given a push to find a suitable method that allowed us to automate the much needed but  painstaking of creating sprites for webpages to improve their performance.The problem was that going through the process of spriting images was a tedious process for a person not used to Photoshop tools...



Truncate Table ? executeUpdate OR createSQLQuery

In one of the modules that I was working on , I needed to delete the previous data from a table then load up the data into those tables again and then manipulate code through the 'id's' on those tables. So this is what I was doing ... [groovy] Event.executeUpdate('delete from Event') EventInstance.executeUpdate('delete from...



Simple Client Side Ajax Validation

Well my second month into work and I have started discovering things that are very trivial, but can save you a whole lot of time .. if you could get to know them better . One of those things was with jQuery. Now working with a normal submit form, a jQuery Validate Plugin works superbly. You simply give "class = required " and it does...



GIT … Lighten up a Bit

Hello there .. Writing my first blog , I am still amazed by the effectiveness of working with Git . No matter how many times you mess up.. you can  still end up with a Clean Working directory. (Believe me .. ;)  ) .  I have also heard about the frustrating merge situations people have been in .. but I guess it has more to do with...