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How Design is Critical to Build Winning Front-End Experience?

Technology has empowered customers with a plethora of choices when it comes to interacting with a brand. A single interaction with a customer can change the customer’s perception, making it essential to provide them with a great end-to-end experience. Nowadays, companies are launching multiple digital initiatives to reach out to the...

by Apoorva Chawla
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How Visual Design help to improve User Experience?

There is quote coming in my mind “Its tough to maintain the balance between logic and creativity”. Don Norman says in the book Emotional Design: Why we Love (or Hate) Everyday Things. Visual Design has as much of an effect on the overall experience as usability. Doesn’t sound Familiar? Let me explain: Humans are attracted to...

by Quamar Alam Quamar
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Tips for creating impactful and efficient User Interface

This blog intend to highlight some good to know tips for creating impactful and efficient UI. The main aim of user interface is to provide a better solution which makes user life easy, simple, logical and clear. Below are some points which User-Interface designers should consider while creating UI Designs. 1. Design should be...

by Sonika Chhonkar
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Usability Testing – A best practice

“Don’t guess everything is just perfect. Know early, Test early & Fail early.” Usability testing most often overlooked by stakeholders, but it can assure immense value gained from it. You can find good content, excellent images, much professional looks (i.e. for Web & Mobile), but Are they enough to build great...

by Ashish Tripathi
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