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Moving to Angular 5? Find out Yay or Nay!

AngularJS is quickly evolving and we have witnessed two major updates in the past 14 months. Now, this popular JavaScript framework has set a new milestone with its major release of Angular 5.0 on November 1, 2017. The progressive web apps and material design powered by Google will be however available in the next few days. The...

by Nidhi Choudhary
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Twitter API Integration with AEM Using Talend

Recently, I came across an interesting use case to fetch tweets from Twitter and post it to AEM instance. Since tweets content can be huge and this use case is similar to that of migration, involving extraction, transformation, and loading of the content, I decided to use an ETL tool called Talend. Talend is a leading open source...

by Pooja Chauhan
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AngularJS, Front End Development

AngularJS Deferred & Promises- Basic Understanding

AngularJS Deferred & Promises- Basic Understanding Table of Contents 1. Introduction to Asynchronous AngularJs 2. Callbacks- Basic Understanding 3. Callback Hell 4. Promise- A Better way of handling callbacks 5. Promise In AngularJS- $q Service 6. Deferred API 7. Promise API 8. Some other promise based...

by Deepak Vishwakarma
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Apache HTTP Conditional Policy Requests for checking whether resource is modified or not and reduce unnecessary processing

Hi, Before writing this blog, I would first like to make you familiar with one quote "Be liberal in what you accept, and conservative in what you send". Yes that's what HTTP robustness protocol states. Scenario : We have a use case where our server need to read XML files that are large containing 400 outer element with extremely...

by Tarun Pareek
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Application Security, Grails

Spring Security & Grails: Cross domain authentication from HTTP to HTTPS

We were trying to implement SSL-based login and registration (i.e. HTTPS) in an e-commerce web application which was otherwise using the non-secure protocol (i.e. HTTP) for the entire website. Instead of moving the entire web application to SSL, which would have increased response times, we thought it would be best if only the...

by Roni C. Thomas
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Create Basic HTTP Server with Node.js

Like other languages(Java, php), we do not need to set up any Apache HTTP server. With Node, things are a bit different, with Node.js, we not only implement our application, we also implement the whole HTTP server. In fact, our web application and its web server are basically the same. Lets create a basic Node HTTP server. First let's...

by Amit Kumar
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