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How to Create Plugin in Nagios Using Bash Script?

Nagios is an open source computer software application that monitors systems, networks, and infrastructure. With Nagios, we can monitor host and configure alerts on the services for servers, switches, applications. It sends alert messages to relevant people through emails when things go wrong and then sends another alert message when...

by Shivam Agrawal
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How to Integrate Nagios with PagerDuty

Nagios is an open-source infrastructure monitoring tool. It monitors your Hosts & Services that are defined and alerts you if any of the hosts or services go down by the different alert mechanism like email, SMS, etc. PagerDuty is an enterprise incident resolution service that gives you an alert on email, SMS & call. By...

by Tejprakash Sharma
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Tips for configuring Nagios: Wildcards and cfg_dir

Nagios is one of the most widely used monitoring tool today. Its open source, customizable , easy to use and highly efficient. While managing a large fleet of servers which includes different category of servers like webservers, db servers, api servers. This gets further more complicated if the number of servers in the fleet keeps on...

by Rahul Jaiswal
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Nagios Parser to configure Nagios configuration files through Chef

                                    Nagios Parser is a ruby library that can be used as a gem to parse values from the Nagios configuration files. These values can used as arrays or hashes to suit the use case. In this blog, we will see how to use the Nagios Parser library to define a configuration file using the...

by Prakashul
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Getting started with Nagios

Monitoring lies at very heart of the Production application. Its absolutely necessary that each and every aspect of application is monitored be it application itself any helper services that run on the server like SSH, FTP, NFS etc and the server resources like CPU usage, disk usage. Even the slightest deviation from the regular usage...

by Hitesh Bhatia
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