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“Controlled Chaos” – Moderating the User Generated Content

Back in 2007, a movie featuring Madhuri Dixit was released; a film where we could see the quintessential heroine of the Indian screen after almost a decade. This movie was a disaster, but it gained bad publicity because of a completely different reason. A few lines in one of the songs were not taken well by a community and hence was...

by Akhil
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Devil’s’ Advocacy for India’s OTT Goldrush

We saw the rise and fall of food-tech in the past few years and there are clear lessons that everyone has learnt. First lesson, it is not a gold rush but a rat-race; a maddening race that everyone wants to run or has a mandate to run. Second lesson is to think about the running operations before even conceptualising the product. ...

by Akhil
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Application Security

Sleepy Puppy Tutorial : An XSS Payload Management Framework

Sleepy Puppy is a payload management framework for Cross Site Scripting that enables security engineers to simplify the process of capturing, managing, and tracking XSS propagations. Delayed XSS (a variant of stored XSS) Delayed XSS testing is testing that can be used to extend the scope of attack beyond the immediate effect of...

by Ankit Giri
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Is VOD without YouTube a profitable venture for content owners?

While YouTube continues to gain markets and increase its share in the overall online video content distribution in India, there are voices in the content industry that resonate every single day and talk about a no-YouTube strategy. Creators are talking today about content which is ‘exclusively for web’ or digital but then does...

by Akhil
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