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SEO: Server-side Rendering vs Client-side Rendering

Introduction SEO is the process of improving your website’s visibility in search engines. It’s not a one-time thing; it happens over time as people use your site and search engines learn more about what you have to offer. SEO is not just about keywords. It’s about the discoverability of your content by search engine bots. You...

by Ankit Gupta
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Marketplace Optimization (MPO): Enabling SEO for Enhanced ROI/Sales

Roughly over a decade ago, online shopping was such a taboo that most buyers from around the world hesitated to buy products online. The shoppers feared being tricked by phishing and online scams around the web and hesitated to give out their personal information. Nowadays, almost everyone purchases from their preferred online shopping...

by manoj.pandey1
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Schema Markup Guide: Types & Importance in SEO

Schema Markup also termed microdata or structured data is a small piece of code that is embedded into the HTML of the web pages, helping search engines to read and classify data quickly and accurately. The ideal benefit of adding schema is to provide the data in terms of who’s, what’s, where’s, when’s, and how’s to the search...

by poonam.singh
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Manual Vs AI-Powered Search Engine Optimization: Which is Right for You?

Has AI changed the SEO industry? With Google using artificial intelligence to fuel its search engine algorithms, this question has been around for a long time now. SEO professionals are divided in thoughts - most of them claim that manual SEO is still better and relevant while there is a section of professionals who think that AI-powered...

by manoj.pandey1
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SEO in 2022 – Trends, Predictions, Tips & Strategy

As the New Year is around the corner, everyone is looking for expected trends for their respective industry in 2022. The same is the case with the SEO industry. The Google Keywords tool is showing the following keywords that people are searching across the world: SEO trends 2022 SEO 2022 SEO strategy 2022 SEO tips 2022 There...

by Ankit Gupta
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