Nehu Gumber


Quick Action-3D touch

In this blog, we will be discussing about Quick Action (Another feature provided by Apple in iOS 9.0 and above) To learn about peek and pop, you can refer my previous blog: QUICK ACTIONS Home screen quick actions give us a convenient way to perform useful, app-specific actions...


iOS, Mobility

Playing with 3D Touch—iOS

As we know that Apple has got a very different way to interact with the device in 6s and 6s plus by introducing 3D touch. In 3D touch, the phone judges how much pressure we are applying over the device and perform an appropriate action accordingly. iPhone responds to the subtle tap when one interacts with the device and thus you will...


iOS, Mobility

App42 Shephertz integration for iOS

Shephertz is a cloud ecosystem for apps and games. It works on cross-platforms. The App42 Cloud APIs consist of a REST based service, which has both JSON and XML interface. There are around 20+ modules with over 400+ APIs which will help us to develop our applications irrespective of the type or domain of the App we are developing....