Nitin Bhadauria

DevOps, Technology

Install and Configure SAR on Ubuntu

Monitoring servers are very important for every server administrator. There are some command line tools available to monitor server resource usages like top, vmstat, etc. Why ? SAR or sar provides almost all the resource usages reports which we get from many different tools at one place but more importantly is could keep...



Understanding Memory Utilization in Linux

Linux is an awesome operating system. It performs good with fewer resources and tries to maximize utilization of available resources automatically and because of this, it's slightly difficult to understand resource utilization. Linux comes with many commands to check memory usage. The "free" command usually displays the total...



“Foolproof Your Bash Script” – Some Best Practices

I am a DevOps practitioner and a lazy one too, so whenever we come across any task that needs to be repeated, we create a bash script. I have been doing this for a long time and after doing a lot of mistakes, I figured that if we follow some basic rules we can make our script more portable and less prone to failure when semantics...



Daemonizing a Process in Linux

Most of the times when we need to run some Java, Node.js or python program in background, so it could stay running even after you leave console all we do is put "&" in the end of the command. $java -jar SimpleService.jar & The problem here is that when you leave the bash shell your process will become "Orphan" and it's up to...


AWS, Technology

Convert Apache (x509 cert) SSL Certificate to Tomcat (Keystore)

When setting up SSL certificate for a website, we mainly use two types of SSL certificate one is x509 mostly used with applications support OpenSSL library and other is Keystore which is used with Java 1.6+ applications. Apache/Nginx uses x509 pem/crt files which is is very different than a Jetty/Tomcat (Java 1.6+) system that uses...