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Our experience through GIDS16 in Bengaluru

I know it’s too late, almost 2 weeks, since the GIDS16 (Great Indian Developer Summit 2016) ended - But the thought that "it’s better to be late than never" is motivating me to write down this post. It was a 5 days event - initial 4 days in Bengaluru and the last day in Pune. We attended day 2, 3 and 4 in Bengaluru. It featured...

by Salil

Big Data, Java

ZooKeeper Leader-Election simplified

Background Recently (in a project) we were required to determine the master node from a pool of similar type of nodes. And if master node fails, any other node should take on the responsibility - so that the service remains available. So, the use-case was something like - Only single node should behave as a master node and it will...

by Salil

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Curator Framework for Apache ZooKeeper

Objective My purpose to write this blog post is just to briefly introduce you to Apache Curator framework, esp. in case you have been using Apache ZooKeeper Java API but never tried Curator framework. In such case, I strongly recommend you to try Curator. Difficulties while using ZooKeeper API Handling the client/server...

by Salil

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Generating Grails static resource link manually

In case you are using Grails resources plugin and at some point you need to generate the static resource link in some service or ordinary 'src' class - following is a quick code that can help you getting the resources link/URL (by using resources tag lib only). The good part is that it's not a hard-coded URL, so it will follow all the...

by Salil

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Enable Grails application to serve resources through CDN

In a recent project we were required to move our static content files to some CDN because servers were getting millions of hits every hour and many of the resources on the main page were static (like JS/CSS/etc). I hope most of the people understand CDN already. So, I’m not covering any information on CDN fundamentals or how to set it...

by Salil