Mohit Garg


How to integrate Spring cache plugin with Grails

In one of my recent project, i want to cache  method output. For implementing method level cache, i have used spring cache. For implement Spring cache, we can use grails cache plugin. It's very easy to integrate cache plugin with grails. 1. Add following plugin dependency in BuildConfig.groovy. [groovy]compile...



Implement Ajax call in Grails web-flow

In one of my recent project, i want to use grails web-flow with ajax call. It's very easy to implement the web-flow with ajax call. Grails web-flow always track the actions on the basis of eventId & flow execution key. So, to implement ajax call in web-flow, we have to pass the event id & flow execution key. 1. Let us assume,...



Integrating Spring AOP with Grails Application

AOP means Aspect Oriented Programming Enables encapsulation of functionality that affects multiple classes in separate units. Complements Object Oriented Programming. Cross Cutting Concerns : Functionality whose implementation spans multiple modules. Different From OOPS Sometimes we want to implement common functionality...



How to configure SSL on Tomcat server and run Grails/Java application on HTTPS

To run your Grails application on SSL, firstly you need to configure the Tomcat server. Here in this example, I will show how to configure Tomcat instance and run Grails/Java application. For SSL/HTTPS: We need .keystore file. You can generate it by using command“keytool -genkey”. Run this command on linux terminal or window...