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20 Tips and Tricks to Make AWS Work to Your Advantage

Introduction Amazon Web Services, touted as a pioneer in the Cloud service providers, has been a consistent frontrunner in the IAAS and PAAS space. Organizations irrespective of their size have chosen AWS as their go-to Cloud service provider making it an undisputed contender in the area of Cloud services. With the margin in the race to...

by Poulomi Nag
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S3 Bucket Configuration With Drupal 8

Drupal provides both public and private file systems. S3 File System (Amazon S3) provides an additional file system to the Drupal site. S3FS module is used to store files in Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) or any other S3-compatible storage service. You can configure your Drupal site to use S3 File System as default, or use it only for...

by BN Pandey
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Configuring Rate-Based Blacklisting of IP’s using AWS WAF and AWS Lambda

One security challenge we face these days is how to prevent our web servers from DDOS attacks. This blog illustrates how we can automatically block unwanted traffic based on request rate by using AWS WAF and Lambda. This setup automatically detects traffic based on request rate, and then updates AWS WAF configurations to block...

by Shruti Lamba
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Streaming Videos On Demand using Amazon Cloudfront and S3

I came across a scenario where we have to stream Videos On Demand (VOD) using  Amazon CloudFront and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3). The on-demand streaming is done using Cloudfront Content Delivery Network (CDN). The videos to be served are stored on Amazon S3. I have designed a secure architecture for the same setup. ...

by Mohit Dayal Gupta
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