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MONGOOSE Tips and Tricks for Uncommon Cases

Mongoose is an object modelling package for Node that essentially works like an ORM for many popular languages much like Hibernate is for JAVA. Below are some of the mongoose special scenario(s) I stepped upon while working on the project. It took me some time to figure it out. Hopefully below details would prove helpful to you thereby...

by Rachit Jain
Tag: data types


Basics of Swift Enumeration for Constructing Rest Web Service Request

Are you a software engineer? Heard about data types? We are sure you must have heard about various data types and their usage for a very long time now. In this blog, we will talk about enums and their use in constructing rest web-service request. Firstly, we would understand a few basics of Swift Enum. What is Swift Enum? ...

by Ankit Nigam
Tag: data types