AD-Pods with JW Player

Introduction: All of us know about video Ad-breaks. Ad-breaks usually appear at the starting, mid or end of any streaming video to gain user's attention on a particular brand. Ad-Pods is an advance feature of showing multiple advertisements back-to-back in a single Ad-break. It can be dynamic or static depend on the user’s...

by Harsh Verma
Tag: Digital Video

Digital Marketing Strategy, Digital Video

Online Video | YouTube versus Facebook and what it means for consumers and advertisers

It was a long-awaited battle which was finally initiated in the month of March 2015, when world’s largest social network Facebook with over 1.5 billion monthly active users announced its big plans to create revenue for publishers with the most engaging marketing tools of all time, video. With this move, Facebook clearly challenged the...

by Akash Tyagi
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Digital Analytics, Digital Video

Actionable analytics to Drive Video engagement and Ad monetization

Many more content owners, Pay TV operators and broadcasters are rolling out their own OTT video platforms and mobile apps these days, aside to the fact that most of these content businesses push their content on YouTube to maximise their reach and revenue through video advertisements. Needless to say that OTT video is bringing a...

by Akash Tyagi
Tag: Digital Video