Adobe Behance Portfolio development API’s: node-behance-api

Behance is an online portfolios website. Here a user can create and see his/her/others portfolios. node-behance-api is an utility wrapper built on node.js for Adobe Behance rest services. This utility is developed for node.js only. Currently it supports most of the API's of Adobe Behance. You can upgrade or add other new API's via...

by Deepak Vishwakarma
Tag: Error Handling

Javascript/Ajax/JQuery, Node.js

Defining custom errors – NodeJS

Any well written piece of code should be defensive by nature with defensive error handling understanding that things could go wrong. Things would be great if we can define our own custom error classes which we can pass or throw in order to distinguish various errors. Custom error constructors helps in: ⇒   Identifying...

by Kushal Likhi
Tag: Error Handling