Gradle installation in Ubuntu

In this post we are going to learn about Gradle installation in Ubuntu 14.04. 1. Open terminal and execute this command to install Gradle $ sudo apt-get install gradle This command will set the path variables automatically. And, you are ready to work with Gradle. code 2. Download Gradle from the official website and extract...

by Navkrishna
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The Biggest Grails Conference in India – GrailsConf 2015!!!

We’ve been talking about it for a while and finally GrailsConf 2015 went fabulously well. It was an amazing conference, packed with sessions from an eminent lineup of speakers and over 160 participants who gathered at The Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi. The gathering was of mostly Java and Groovy developers. I noticed many Java...

by Amit Jain
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Day 2 at SpringOne 2GX 2014

Day 2 kicked off and we had very really cool sessions planned around Groovy, Grails and Spring Boot. It was quite an experience listening to all the new features and changes coming over the horizon of Groovy and Grails. A quick excerpt of the day follows: # Groovy in 2014 and beyond : Guillaume Laforge Groovy trait took over the...

by Uday Pratap Singh
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