Sachin Verma


Day 2 @GR8Conf EU 2015

Day 2 at GR8Conf EU June 2015 Copenhagen, Denmark continued to beintriguing and fun filled. The Day started with the keynote from Jeff Scott Brown on Grails and its future plan. He shed light on Grails 3.0 features and its releases plans. He also asked for contribution to migrating plugins from Grails 2.x to Grails 3.0.  In his...



Day 1 @Gr8Conf EU 2015

The day one at GR8Conf EU June 2015 Copenhagen, Denmark was really awesome. It started at the IT-University with a jam packed hall full of eager registrants with a welcome note from Søren with a history of how the Gr8 conf started. Then, Gulliame went through the state of affairs around Groovy & Grails and addressed the...



Deploying Ratpack Application on Heroku

Recently, I was working on a micro-service using Ratpack framework.  I wanted to deploy it to Heroku. I had tried to find good documentation for deploying on Heroku but couldn't find as such. After much trial and error, I finally managed to get a working configuration for successful deployment. As Heroku has very good support for...



Getting property class from property name

Recently in one of my project i had a requirement of identifying the class of a property of an object with object class and property name and then determining whether it's an Enum class or not. I found an easy solution for this using Reflection API. Using Java Reflection you can inspect the fields (member variables) of classes. This is...



Extract correct class from hibernate object wrapped with javassist

Hi, Some times when we access domain objects of collections in one to many or many to many relationships, we get Hibernate class wrapped with javassist, basically hibernate wraps all loaded objects with javassist after loading(lazy loading case) them . So if  we call on the members of collections in one to many or...