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#Hazelcast : Enhance throughput of Java apps performance by optimization of object deserialization and distributed query

Hazelcast is a popular solution for In-Memory Data Grid that is often used with Databases in order to improve performance of applications, to distribute data across servers, clusters and geographies and to manage very large data sets. Here's a quick reference to integrate hazelcast with grails  . Since Hazelcast is a distributed...

by Bijoy Paul
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Getting started with Hazelcast using Grails in 10 minutes

In computing, Hazelcast is an open source in-memory data grid based on Java. This blog will help you to tune the performance of your Grails application using Hazelcast. Integrating Hazelcast with Grails Step 1: Setup Hazelcast server using (Packaged within Hazelcast zipped bundle): Download the Hazelcast .zip from this...

by Jeevesh Pandey
Tag: Hazelcast with Grails