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Future of MERN Stack?

Introduction MERN stack technology is a popular technology stack used by many developers worldwide. MERN is an acronym for four powerful technologies, including MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS. This technology stack is known for its ability to build fast and robust web applications. It is no surprise that the MERN stack is...

by Vijay Pratap Singh
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Front End Development, MEAN

Why and how finally{…} block is NOT meaningless

A definition first (from the internet): try-catch-finally is used to handle runtime errors and prevent them from halting the execution of a program. The finally block triggers regardless of: what is implemented inside the try-catch block any errors encountered inside try-catch block any return statement written...

by shivang.chaturvedi
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Top level await() without async() function in NodeJs

Here’s how async-await function typically works: function myDummyBackendCall() { return new Promise((resolve) => { setTimeout(() => { resolve({ name: "Shivang", id: "asmdhajkdhajdsh8qweuqoweuiqepoi-0q-0eueiuaisjdaKcjaisku", }); }); }); } // Used an async wrapper function to make an await call (async () => { ...

by shivang.chaturvedi
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Image Optimization Using Jpegtran with AWS Lambda

Image optimization is an important thing when designing a website. Through image optimization using the open source Jpegtran, one can reduce their image size while preserving their visual quality, which is also known as lossless compression. This results in saving many bytes or KB. Upgraded pictures utilizing Jpegtran likewise increment...

by Gaurav Rishi
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Java, Node.js

MONGOOSE Tips and Tricks for Uncommon Cases

Mongoose is an object modelling package for Node that essentially works like an ORM for many popular languages much like Hibernate is for JAVA. Below are some of the mongoose special scenario(s) I stepped upon while working on the project. It took me some time to figure it out. Hopefully below details would prove helpful to you thereby...

by Rachit Jain
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How to Create a Addon in Nodejs

Writing your backend API in server side JavaScript is great, and we always do such kind of work using some predefined built-in library but if you want to use a function which is not feasible to use in Node.js or no module is available for that in node package manager but it is available in C/C++ libraries. So addons will help us to use...

by Mayank Tyagi
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Too Many Indexes May kill your DB performance

Everyone thinks of creating index, but nobody pays attention towards removing them once they are created and not required .Too many indexes or unnecessary index can degrade your DB performance. To Optimize indexes in mongo we need to understand following things : How indexes works in mongoDB: Let’s say we have created compound...

by Pawan Goyal
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Fullstack 2016, London : Day 2 (The fun continues)

We were already spell bound by the city of London, its culture, people and must mention the weather . Day 1 at Fullstack conf was like a dream. Awesome people, apt venue, lots of goodies , what not. Filled with excitement we reached Code Node before time, just to attend Todd Motto's keynote. About Todd Motto, if you are reading...

by Sakshi Tyagi
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FullStack 2016 Day 1

As some of you might already know, FullStack 2016 was recently concluded in London and was a full packed house this time with the tickets being sold out about a week in advance. I was fortunate enough to be a part of the event as a speaker and was talking about PolymerJS. But more than the speaking opportunity, what got me excited was the...

by Komal Jain
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Node.js, Technology

Caching in NodeJs using Redis

Whenever we talk about nodejs development, the first thing that comes to our mind is managing concurrent requests in an efficient way. We can leverage our server performance and efficiency even more by providing a mechanism to cache it's processed data(response) which seldomly changes. Such as products list, country codes, application...

by Vibhor Kukreja
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What are middlewares in express

Middleware is a simple javascript function with three parameters request, response and next Apart from handling http request it can perform the following tasks: Manipulate request and response objects Perform isolated tasks Terminate request flow by sending response Pass the control to another middleware We load middleware...

by Satyam Chaudhary
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Running multi-container Nodejs application using docker-compose

This blog post is about using docker-compose, a tool provided by docker to define and run multi container application using a single command. It uses a docker-compose.yml file as default input file. I got a use case which was to run a Nodejs application behind a Nginx acting as a reverse proxy in two different Docker containers. This...

by Navjot Singh
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