Node.js, Product Engineering

Infographic: Top 6 Benefits of Node.js for Application Development

Node.js is quickly becoming a go-to-technology for many companies. LinkedIn, Groupon, PayPal, Uber, Trello and Netflix and many other global companies have tested and embraced Node.js for some time now. With an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, Node.js is not only lightweight but also extremely efficient. Node.js' package...

by Nidhi Choudhary
Tag: NPM

Agile, DevOps

Microservices and Node.js

Traditional software product development starts with one problem in mind and project continues to grow with an inclusion of new feature this leads to a single monolithic system. Every new functionality added increases complexity and difficulty in scaling system. Increasing functionality results in an increase in thousand lines of code...

by Prince Soni
Tag: NPM


Easy app scaffolding with Yeoman

Ever wondered that the most time consuming tasks are the one you have done numerous times on numerous projects, and why the hell am i doing it again? The most basic of examples of this is Scaffolding an app, you have to do a lot of things, repetitive things to get the app structure up to speed. This is an even bigger problem with...

by Manoj Nama
Tag: NPM


Generate PDF in NodeJS using “node-phantom” module

PhantomJS is used to emulate browsers through command line, for generating PDFs, web page manipulation, headless testing and much more interesting stuff. Npm provides us a module called "node-phantom" which helps us to use PhantomJS in our NodeJS application in a non-fussy way. A prerequisite for using this module is, you must have...

by Sakshi Tyagi
Tag: NPM


LESS is More

Ok Now, CSS is fine and all but it is a tedious process to cover all the different states and selectors. And if your Stylesheets are un-organized like mine(confession?) then you would know it is painful, any change breaks so many things and when it doesn't you know you have missed a couple of selectors that need to be updated. So in...

by Manoj Nama
Tag: NPM