Manoj Nama

AngularJS, Node.js

Building the web with Polymer

Webcomponents. Yeah that's right, the hottest of topics among web developers all over. Every Frontend Framework out there seems incomplete unless the docs have a webcomponent section. All the major JavaScript frameworks out there provide an implementation of web components, in thier own way. Be it AngularJS, EmberJS, ReactJS etc....



Demystifying Transclusion

Wait, Trans .. what? Yes, Transclusion is the mysterious, big and most intimidating of words when writing AngularJS Components. AngularJS, being so powerful and all provides a lot of ways to do many things. Now writing directives is not a very complex exercise, infact it is quite simple now if you first have a look at the...



Easy app scaffolding with Yeoman

Ever wondered that the most time consuming tasks are the one you have done numerous times on numerous projects, and why the hell am i doing it again? The most basic of examples of this is Scaffolding an app, you have to do a lot of things, repetitive things to get the app structure up to speed. This is an even bigger problem with...



LESS is More

Ok Now, CSS is fine and all but it is a tedious process to cover all the different states and selectors. And if your Stylesheets are un-organized like mine(confession?) then you would know it is painful, any change breaks so many things and when it doesn't you know you have missed a couple of selectors that need to be updated. So in...



ExpressJS: Route Parameter Pre-conditioning

Express JS is a very flexible yet powerful framework on top of exponentially growing Node JS Environment. Express makes it really easy to handle requests and how the server interacts with the outside world. It is very simple to get going and it has immense amounts of extremely useful features, Middleware is one of those features of...



Handlebars: An Introduction

Let's face it, gone are the days where static HTML markup was sufficient, and clients were happy with animated gifs all around their websites, but that's all a thing of the past. Now every little thing you can think of has to be dynamic, the data is constantly changing and so is the webpage. For developers it is a tricky task to manage...