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Twitter API Integration with AEM Using Talend

Recently, I came across an interesting use case to fetch tweets from Twitter and post it to AEM instance. Since tweets content can be huge and this use case is similar to that of migration, involving extraction, transformation, and loading of the content, I decided to use an ETL tool called Talend. Talend is a leading open source...

by Pooja Chauhan
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AngularJS, Front End Development

12 Must Know AngularJS Frameworks to Build Winning Frontend

We are all living in the experience economy. We all have a recall of products that provide great user experience and we also tend to share a positive word of mouth about such products. Product engineering isn't just about delivering a functionality anymore but also about delivering a seamless experience. A highly visual product is...

by Nidhi Choudhary
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DevOps, Software development

Key Considerations for Selecting Open Source Software

Open source is gaining popularity throughout the world. It is being used throughout each software development lifecycle and has gained wide acceptance in organizations worldwide and is highly visible as it moves into the cloud. Whenever we need to fix a problem, it's all too easy to reach for the nearest software library or package...

by Shruti Lamba
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AWS, DevOps

Introduction to Wildfly

Wildfly, previously known as JBoss AS, is a fully implemented JEE container - application server, authored by JBoss Incorporated.  In 2006, JBoss Inc was acquired by Red Hat and since then Wildfly became their product. Wildfly is production ready, cross-platform and open-source application server with paid support subscription from...

by Krishna Gupta
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DevOps, Technology

Monit with Slack notifications

Monit is a small Open Source utility for managing and monitoring Unix systems, Monit sends out notifications when an alert is triggered usually through emails . Since email is getting a bit old approach nowadays, it’s way more intuitive to receive alerts via push notifications on your smartphone or chat client. Slack provides supports...

by Ankit Kumar
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Automation Testing, Testing

Selenium Conf’16: Bangalore

From the last half-decade, Selenium conference (SeConf) is being organized across the world for all the automation enthusiasts highlighting the new territories of this growing technology. Opportunely, this time, I attended SeConf’16 along with my colleagues, Sarthak Srivastava and Vikas Sharma. The first leg of this conference was held...

by Ram Bahadur
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Demystifying JITSI

What is Jitsi ? Jitsi is an open source communicator that allows secure audio/video calls and conference. It includes Jitsi Video-bridge which relays video rather than mixing. It also provides improved scale with higher quality and lower latency in media transfer. Terminology : WebRTC: WebRTC provides browsers and mobile...

by Nishant Lakra
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