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How To Integrate RabbitMQ using Spring?

In this blog, we will see two different implementations of RabbitMQ, but before going to the implementation part let's take a brief intro of some prerequisites. JMS The Java Message Service (JMS) is a Message Oriented Middleware Java API that supports the formal communication between software components. It allows applications to...

by Amit Raturi
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Grails, Java

Sending Scheduled/delayed messages with RabbitMQ through java client

The requirement to send delayed/scheduled message is to publish any message with a delay time. To achieve this, earlier we had to use dead letter exchange but now we can send scheduled/delayed messages from RabbitMQ with "rabbitmq_delayed_message_exchange" plugin. we can send scheduled/ delayed messages from rabbitMQ by following these...

by Vishal Kumar
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Few Simple steps for integrating Rabbit MQ with Grails

Rabbit MQ as defined by is a robust messaging for applications. We used RabbitMQ to achieve asynchronous communication between two parts of the application. I would like to share the same in a step by step fashion. Here are few simple steps that I followed to make my grails application use rabbitmq: 1.Install...

by Mohd Farid
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