Front End Development

How to fetch API data in ReactJS ?

We can fetch data by using the Javascript fetch() method. The Fetch API is a new standard to server requests with Promises, it also includes additional features. This blog will help you understand the implementation of fetch API in both functional and class components by walking through each one with sample code. Let’s start - Consider...

by Milan Chourasia
Tag: react


Progressively Decoupled App With React on Drupal

Decoupled Architecture To understand the term “Decoupled” we need to understand what “Coupled” is. A coupled (also known as “traditional” or “monolithic”) CMS knits together the front- and back-ends. Working off the same application, developers and content managers make adjustments to the back-end while users interact...

by shubham.joshi
Tag: react

AngularJS, Experience Design

Optimization of AngularJS Single-Page Applications for Web Crawlers

I am assuming that you’ve seen websites developed on AngularJS. If not, here are a few sites using AngularJS you would be familiar with: Youtube Netflix Weather IStockPhoto AngularJS is taking over the robust development around the world. There’s a good reason for that React-style framework that makes better developer...

by Ankit Gupta
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Android, iOS

Simplistic Fullscreen Image Viewer: React Native

If you are working with the latest version of React Native like 0.35 or above, then there are lot of modules available to show an image in full screen mode. Now the twist here is when you are working with the older version of React Native. In this blog, I wanted to share how I implemented this use case on the application on React...

by Sakshi Tyagi
Tag: react


How to use D3 with React components?

D3 (Data Driven Documents) is a JS library that helps us build visualizations. It binds arbitrary data to a DOM, where the data-driven transformations can be applied to the document. It works well by mutating the DOM element, usually a root node that was placed in the HTML. You call .append ('span') and it inserts a...

by Mansi Arora
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Front End Development, Mobility

Write once use anywhere : React native components

React native is the latest cool thing in mobile development world now a days backed by super cool “Facebook”. People are trying their hands more and more on it. This blog is for all those people who have just started working on React Native and looking for modularizing their code into component based architecture for re-usability. ...

by Sakshi Tyagi
Tag: react