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Image Optimization Using Jpegtran with AWS Lambda

Image optimization is an important thing when designing a website. Through image optimization using the open source Jpegtran, one can reduce their image size while preserving their visual quality, which is also known as lossless compression. This results in saving many bytes or KB. Upgraded pictures utilizing Jpegtran likewise increment...

by Gaurav Rishi
Tag: s3 bucket

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Configuring SNS Notifications For S3 Put Object Event Operation

S3 is an amazing service provided by AWS for unlimited data storage. S3 provides various types of event notifications whenever an operation has been done on the S3 object(s). One can notify about the S3 object operations to other services by means of SQS, SNS and by triggering AWS Lambda functions. Use case: I've come up with a use...

by Tarun Saxena
Tag: s3 bucket


Mapping multiple Route53 record sets to a record set

Lets take an example where we need to point, to using AWS' Route53. Creating a record set to point to is easy, where would be a CNAME type record with value "". But mapping to is not that trivial as R53 does...

by Hitesh Bhatia
Tag: s3 bucket