Handlebars : A step ahead

In the previous blog on Handlebars, we learnt the basic concept of handlebars and how to use them in your web applications. Now we will extend our knowledge, a bit more and see how we can use and create helper methods in handlebars to have more flexibility on data. Predefined/Built-in Helper methods: There are a number of built in...

by Rishabh Dixit
Tag: templating


Dust your views

In our node js application, we can use variety of templating engines like "jade" , "ejs", "mustache" etc. Dust.js is an asynchronous templating engine which can be used both on server side as well as client side and provide easy caching with high performance. In my previous blog on EJS as a templating engine, i have mentioned how we...

by Sakshi Tyagi
Tag: templating


Handlebars: An Introduction

Let's face it, gone are the days where static HTML markup was sufficient, and clients were happy with animated gifs all around their websites, but that's all a thing of the past. Now every little thing you can think of has to be dynamic, the data is constantly changing and so is the webpage. For developers it is a tricky task to manage...

by Manoj Nama
Tag: templating