Connected TV, iOS

Basic Application Development for Apple TV (with TVML & TVJS) with API calling & dynamic TVML

In my first blog, I talked about how to create client-server based application in tvOS using TVML and TVJS. So, to get started, you can take reference from it. Today, I am talking about how to send/retrieve information from remote server, so our mobile app will show us always updated results. To retrieve any information from server...


Connected TV, iOS

Introduction of Client-Server based tvOS Application using TVML & TVJS

In September 2015 at WWDC event, Apple introduced the most powerful and advanced updates to the Apple TV set-up box. It provides simple, most effective and handy user interfaces to the users for navigating and viewing video content. It also supports other third-party applications and games named as tvOS applications. Apple's 4th...