Aakash Garg

AWS, DevOps

Amazon ElasticSearch for Centralized Log Management

This blog is about using Amazon Elasticsearch with Amazon Cloudwatch. I had a use case where I have to make a setup for centralised logs, which can be done by using Amazon ElasticSearch and CloudWatch services. Pre-requisites: New Amazon Elasticsearch Instance can be setup from here. A new EC2 Instance with an attached role having...



Chef: Bootstrapping an autoscaled Node using Cloud-Init, Cloud-Config and UserData

This blog refers to the bootstrapping an autoscaled Node using Cloud-Init, Cloud-Config and UserData and get it available for serving requests. Here, in this blog I am bootstrapping a web server. We will be using a yaml file and a recipe to implement the same. What is Cloud-Init? Cloud-Init is the package which is already installed on...



Applying GROK Patterns in ELK

Recently, I worked on filters in Logstash using different tools like grok, date etc. Many of us find grok patterns complex to write, so here I am writing this blog to make writing grok patterns easier. Use Case I had a use-case in which I had to filter logs from catalina.out, but it was difficult to filter the logs as there is not fixed...



AWS OpsWorks: PHP App Deployment using Git

AWS OpsWorks is a service which can be used to manage applications and can be used to operate applications of all shapes and sizes. In this blog we will discuss steps to automate a PHP app using AWS OpsWorks and Git. OpsWorks is an AWS service that can be used to automate the different kinds of app deployments. It is highly versatile as...



Attach and Detach Elastic Load Balancers from Auto-Scaling Groups

Recently AWS started a new feature of attaching and detaching the Load Balancer in an Auto-Scaling Group. If we attach a load balancer to an auto-scaling group it allows the load balancer to send traffic to the EC2 instance in the group. And when we are detaching a load balancer from a group stops it from sending traffic. I have 2...



Creating AMIs based on Tags

You must be wondering how to make AMI of the Web Server(EC2 instance) in which you have made some changes. In this blog I will walk you through a script that will ease up your work and make AMI of instances with user specified tags. Consider a use-case where user has made some changes to the Web Server and he wants to take AMI...