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Sharing the Load: Cache Clustering with Hazelcast

In my earlier blog on Caching: What, Why and How with Hazelcast we have discussed about the importance of software caching and how to implement it with Hazelcast. In this blog, we are going to discuss the importance of distributed caching and how to configure Hazelcast to be a full TCP/IP cluster. What is Cache clustering? A...


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Fortifying your REST API using Spring security

Spring Security is a lightweight security framework that provides authentication and authorization support in order to secure Spring-based applications. It comes bundled with popular security algorithm implementations. I would cover a series of different topic related to spring security in my upcoming blogs. We will go through the...


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Caching: What, Why and How with Hazelcast

In modern user facing and real-time applications, performance is the top concern with usually having data at its core. What if you were able to offload some work from the database and at the same time increase the performance and response times of your application? Most of the time data handling is done by relational databases which...


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#Hazelcast : Enhance throughput of Java apps performance by optimization of object deserialization and distributed query

Hazelcast is a popular solution for In-Memory Data Grid that is often used with Databases in order to improve performance of applications, to distribute data across servers, clusters and geographies and to manage very large data sets. Here's a quick reference to integrate hazelcast with grails  . Since Hazelcast is a distributed...