Prabhdeep Puri

Prabhdeep is an Adobe Certified AEM developer having extreme technical competencies across Java, Spring, Dust.js, Sightly/HTL, JUnit, Mockito and PostgreSQL. He has successfully delivered various multilingual AEM Content Migration projects. His commitment, hard work, and quick learning abilities make him a go-to person. Apart from staying updated about the latest in tech, he loves biking, playing pool and bowling.


Important Considerations for Migrating Content from a CMS to AEM – Blog Series – Blog 2

This is the second part of the two-blog series on 'Important things to consider for Migrating Content to AEM'. Click here to checkout blog-1. Following are some more points to help in the process of migration to AEM: Migration Strategy: Decision of what strategy/approach is needed to be followed for migration is very important....



Advantages of an ETL Tool in Content Migration

Recently, I was introduced to a new technology called ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) which I can use to simplify and to increase the productivity of my daily tasks as AEM migration developer. There are various ETL tools available, some of them are listed here. I chose Talend, as it is built on top of Eclipse IDE and supports custom...



Important Considerations While Migrating Content from a CMS to AEM Using Package Manager – Blog Series – Blog 1

Recently, I wrote scripts for migrating the XML Output of the source CMS to Content XML for installing in AEM using AEM’s package manager. Following are some scenarios/challenges that I experienced while doing migration to AEM from another CMS: Node Name : Node name should be mapped from that XML element that is : Unique for...