Dhanendra Kumar

AngularJS, Front End Development

Immediate and non-immediate model updates in AngularJS

In AngularJS, immediate model updates is a default behavior but if we want to persist value in the object after a certain time period has elapsed then we can achieve the same by using "debounce" object in "ng-model-options" directive, which is known as "non-immediate model updates". Immediate Model updates [html] <div...


AngularJS, Front End Development

Dependency Annotation in AngularJS

When a function of service or controller invoked via the injector then we have to annotate these functions so that the injector knows what service to inject into the function. In Angular, there are three ways of annotating code with service name - Inline Array Annotation $inject Property Annotation Implicit Annotation ...


AngularJS, Front End Development

Register Service by Factory, $provide and Service function in AngularJS

In AngularJS, there are three ways to register a service in a module. Module's Factory Function Module's Config via $provide Module's Service Function Via Module's Factory Function We can register a service via Angular module’s "factory" function. This is commonly use to register a service. Registering service in...


AngularJS, Front End Development

Scope Event propagation in AngularJS

Angular provides a very powerful means to transfer messages to scopes at different hierarchical level. We can dispatch an event upwards through the scope hierarchy by notifying all the registered "$rootScope.Scope" listeners in the hierarchy or downwards to all the child scopes. Angular provides these two functions to achieve the event...



Restricting concurrent sessions for a single user using Grails and Spring Security

Restricting concurrent sessions for a single user is a very common requirement for any software tool which requires licensing based on number of users. You can read about how we can manage (or allow) concurrent sessions with Grails 2 using Spring security plugin in this awesome concise blog here. let us see how we can allow or...