Divik Thareja

Agile Consultant / Agile Coach having 13+ years of industry experience.


Breaking the Myths – Scrum equals Agile?

Having interacted with a lot of people across organizations, projects, and domains, there is a common misconception that floats - We are doing Agile, when what they actually mean is we are doing Scrum (following scrum methodology). Scrum is a lightweight framework that helps people, teams and organizations generate value through adaptive...



Doing Agile vs Being Agile

We keep hearing the word Agile quite frequently in the industry. Every project wants to be on Agile and the thought is that as soon as you start implementing Agile frameworks, there would be some kind of magic that would accelerate delivery, reduce client escalations and the team would be happy. Doing Agile You have implemented Agile...


Agile, Software development

Application of Agile in Complex Delivery Projects: A Case Study

Can you adopt Agile in challenging delivery projects? Say, where customers are impatient with their timeline. The answer is YES. Challenges Let us first look at the challenges a typical Project Manager / Project Lead face in such engagements: Productivity Client challenges (Disagreement on delivery dates) Change management /...