Gunjan Sawhney


How to test SOAP API with different functionalities of JMeter

JMeter is a very popular open source tool which is used for load and performance testing. With its multiple features, Jmeter can conduct tests for any web application, web server, mail servers, database or even file servers. A recent requirement for our project made us use different components and elements of JMeter together. In this...


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Selective blocking of curl and wget

Wget is a pretty handy tool that lets users download files from any HTTP/HTTPS or FTP server. Curl, on the other hand is an amazing tool that helps you build a new request with plethora of protocols such as  HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Telnet, SMTP etc. These tools can be used to test protocols or your server configurations, but at the same time...


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Jenkins Parameterized Remote Trigger Plugin

At times you encounter a use case where you need to run a Jenkins job remotely from another Jenkins instance. Well, there is a way to achieve this by using Parameterized Remote Trigger plugin. Let's see how we can trigger parameterized or non-parameterized jobs on remote Jenkins server from another Jenkins server. Demonstration ...



Jenkins Coordinator Plugin

There are many occasions when we require our jenkins jobs to be executed in a predefined order. Jenkins Coordinator Plugin can help us achieve that. This post will walk you through how to use this plugin to run your jobs  in a particular sequence. Suppose we have four jobs :  Job1, Job2 ,Job3, Job4. We would like to execute Job1...