Kailash Narayan

iOS, Mobility

Siri Integration in iOS

Introduction:  As we know that apple has launched Siri 5 years back, but only for user interaction not for iOS development point of view. Finally in iOS 10, apple launched Siri for development. Now developer can integrate Siri kit in his/her application to provide some predefined domains of services. Some example where you can use...


iOS, Technology

Deep insight into Stack View

Introduction :  Apple has introduced this class to make the developer life easy. While working in a complex layout adding and removing constraints is very tedious task but after the introduction of this tool while working on complex layout it will be very easy to create complex UI. This is very powerful tool they have added in iOS...


iOS, Technology

Beacon Implementation in iOS

What is iBeacon iBeacon is a new technology that extends location services in iOS. Beacon is a very generic term but Apple has made a wrapper for this and it knows beacon as iBeacon. iBeacons are very small handy devices that works on the principle of BLE. What is BLE BLE extends for Bluetooth Low Energy. The small BLE chips are...