Track my traffic -Implementing Traffic Analytics

This one is for a particular use case, so lets come straight out to the point. We start with the obvious first: Problem Statement: To track the traffic of a public page from your application. User Story: The current system needs to add a feature that would enable the end user to use your product to track the traffic on his...



JSOUP for the Grails Soul

So you have a requirement that needs you to work with real world HTML. Crawl the webpages, fetch the data desired and feed it to your perpetually hungry for information database. What do you do? You approach your friend Google, tell him what's troubling you and ask him to make your life easier as it's been doing for over a decade now....



ROME Tools –“All Feeds Lead To Rome”

In our grails application, we recently met with a requirement where we had to facilitate the application user to post his blog post url in our application. The application then had to fetch the blog post's content and the fetched content had to be displayed in our application. The other part of this requirement was that we had to use the...