Kashish Gupta


Build RESTful API Using Node and Hapi

With the increasing popularity of Hapi in the Node community, it is a good option to build API's using this framework. Let's understand the Hapi framework and how easily we can define routes to build Hapi RESTful API for production ready environment. We will also be using some of the Hapi plugin's for ease of API's validation and to test...



NodeJs with MySql using Sequelize

This time I am going to explain a very basic CRUD operation on MySql database via NodeJs using Sequelize. Here Sequelize become's a bridge between NodeJs and MySql database, it is a Object Relational Mapping Library written on javascript. Let us quickly learn the things with the help of Examples and we will use Item Table to perform...



Check Global Object Pollution using global-object-guard

JavaScript is language for Ninjas some time mistake happens by Ninja also which slow down our Node Application, because unknowingly we are dynamically creating the property on GLOBAL objects or some time we get stuck in some closure issue's which are not easy to trace and becomes a memory leak for the application. These are the common...