Grails, iOS

Push Notification in IOS Using Grails

Hi All, In my previous blog . I have explained how to send the push notification to Android Device. Now, it's time to see how we can send push notification to iOS devices. For sending Push Notification in iOS I have used JavaPNS_2.2.jar . So before, directly jumping on example we should know that what are prerequisites of...


Android, Grails

Push Notification in Android Using Grails

Hi All, I had a use case where I need to send the push notification to Android Device using Grails Application. For sending push notification I have used the Android GCM plugin. So, before going further we should know what is push notification and how it works. Push Notification : It is a message or events delivered by a...


Grails, Java

Migrating Code Base from SVN to GIT

Hi all, I have a use case where I need to migrate the code base from svn to git while preserving all the commits of different committers. For migration I have used an utility tool git-svn. In order to install git-svn we can use below command in linux box : sudo apt-get install git-svn After that you can follow the...



Using Spring Events in Grails

Hi all, I have published a new blog post Using Spring Events in Grails. Spring Events are basically used to perform events asynchronously. In my use case I need to save hundreds of records in the database. So I use Spring Events to save records asynchronously. There is a plugin available in Grails for using Spring Events which...