Mohit Tyagi

Agile, Product Engineering

How to Estimate Story Points in Agile?

A story point is an abstract measure of effort required to implement a user story. In simple terms, it is a number that tells the team about the difficulty level of the story. Difficulty could be related to complexities, risks, and efforts involved. In most cases a story point uses one of the following scales for sizing: •...


Manual Testing, Technology

Importance of Software Testing Metrics and 8 Ways to Measure It

What is Software Testing Metrics? Software testing metrics provide quantitative approach to measure the quality and effectiveness of the software development and testing process. It helps the team to keep a track on the software quality at every stage in the software development cycle and also provides information to control and reduce...


Manual Testing, Testing

Effective techniques for Bug Reporting and Bug Tracking

Bug Reporting Bug Reporting is the activity of posting a bug to the development team to fix it. Bug reporting in independent software testing can be done using a simple spread sheet or using a bug tracking tool. While reporting a bug don’t forget to fill up following fields - Bug ID (Auto generated in case of tool) Project...