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Agile Developers vs Agile Software

Everybody knows that being agile is THE way to go when building a software, and almost everybody nowadays wears the agile badge, hoping that it will solve all the world's problems (aka missing deadlines, software not meeting requirements and so on). But since agility is just a characteristic, it is equally applicable to both developers...



Implementing facebook login with childbrowser in a phonegap app

Recently in one of my phonegap apps, I had to implement login with facebook functionality. Because the app was targeted towards multiple platforms (ios and android), so for this we needed a javascript based solution that can work on multiple platform. We used the childbrowser plugin to handle this situation in following manner – 1....



Using ‘SendJavscript’ to inject javascript into Android Phonegap application

In one of my Android Phonegap projects, I had to pass information from the native java code of my app to the Phonegap code(written in Javascript). I found out that I can do so with ‘sendJavascript()’ method available in DroidGap class. For example, the following line of code will inject a variable in Javscript with value of 10. ...



Spring Security IP Restrictions in Grails

Spring security provides  various methods to ensure that users are getting access to only those parts of application for which they are authorized. one such feature is IP address restriction, which allows mapping URIs to certain IP address(es) so that these URIS are only accessible from these IP address.  These restrictions can be...