Rubi Saini

AngularJS, Front End Development

Angular + SEO

There's a phase in every project when development reaches its completion and next step is to make it search engine friendly. When I had to do this task in my project, at that time I was a little bit confident that this is a very simple task and we just need to set meta tags and some other html tags so that google can crawl easily. But...


Javascript/Ajax/JQuery, Node.js

Introduction to backbone.js

It is difficult to build single-page web applications or complicated user interfaces by simply using frontend libraries like jQuery. Backbone.js is a lightweight JavaScript library that adds structure to your client-side code. It is based on the Model-View-Controller pattern. It is best suited for creating single page applications using a...


AngularJS, Front End Development

Angular’s $resource for CRUD Operations

$resouce is a perfect option to create a single page application which involve CRUD operations.You don't write your CRUD methods (create,read,update and delete) when you use it. A RESTful web service with one endpoint for a data type that does different things with that data type based on HTTP methods like GET, POST, PUT, DELETE,...


Javascript/Ajax/JQuery, Node.js

Highlighting links in text using “linky” filter

At times we come across few cases where we need to differentiate the links amongst the plain text. Angular provide us with a very useful filter named : "linky" which help us to do so. With the help of linky filter we can detect links from text and show them differently .  Linky takes text and produces HTML by wrapping all...


Javascript/Ajax/JQuery, Node.js

‘resolve’ property in angular

Now a days , angular ui-router is being used actively for maintaining routes in angular applications. In my current project, I came across a use case in which I had to perform certain checks before executing certain route mapping. For example lets consider the most basic situation in which we want to directly show dashboard route in case...